Project types

There are several types of project that a student can complete. As you can see from the excerpt from the Chief Examiner's Report below, there are four main types of project,  including construction projects, furniture projects, heritage projects and new technologies projects. 

This guidelines document will be useful for student completing an architectural design and scale model project.


The project is assessed at common level - there is no differentiation between ordinary and higher level candidates. The project is marked out of 150 marks; there are 5 sections – each worth 30 marks.

  • planning of project
  • report writing
  • manipulative skills
  • presentation of project
  • experiments

Each project must be supported by a written report which includes three experiments. Download the guidelines document above for more detail on assessment.

As you can see from the table above (taken from the Chief Examiner's Report 2013) the standard is very high; 25% of students getting an A (in the old grading system).