Leaving certificate Construction Studies is examined in three parts:

  1. theory paper
  2. skills test
  3. project

The skills test and project are examined at a common level; in other words there is no differentiation between ordinary level and higher level candidates. The marks awarded for each part are as follows:


Higher level

Theory 300 marks

Skills test 150 marks

Project 150 marks


Ordinary level

Theory 200 marks

Skills test 150 marks

Project 150 marks


The result of the difference in weighting means that the theory paper has less impact on an ordinary level student's final grade because it is 200/500 marks (i.e. 40%); while for a higher level student the theory paper is 300/600 marks (i.e. 50%).

The theory paper is taken during the traditional leaving certificate examination period in June of each year. The skills test is completed in the first or second week of May. The project is completed in class during sixth year and is submitted to meet a specified deadline in April.

Past papers, marking schemes, information on submission dates and SEC solutions can be downloaded from the State Examinations Commission.